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Judo Training Aid Subliminal

Judo Training Aid Subliminal

Dramatically improve your judo training and develop at an accelerated rate with our powerful subliminal mp3 album! Do you want to improve your judo ability? Are you already at a good standard but want to push yourself to reach the highest level!? Do you struggle to see the results from many hours of training? Do you feel slower than your opponents, or just don't see the attack coming sometimes? If you can relate to any of the above statements, and you are serious about your judo training, then we can help you! Our subliminal mp3 album will work in 3 ways: to give you the strength of mind to be confident, to make sure you are ""in the zone"" at all times, and also to focus you on your judo training with intensity so you will improve your skills at a faster rate. Train your mind to be more dominant, assertive, and confident. Improve your concentration and focus so you will stay sharp in a competition or sparring! Become faster and agile due to heightened senses and concentration, and a focused mind! Subliminally align your unconscious mind with the goal of improving your judo skill, and remove any limiting barriers to your success. Re-program your mind to increase your confidence in yourself so you can fight in the moment, without any worry or FEAR! Reprogram your mind to increase your motivation to train hard, and drive to succeed! Strengthen your mind - Develop a ""never quit"" mentality! With this album not only will you improve your strength, reflexes, and speed to be physically better than your opponent, you will also gain the mind power, concentration, and focus to be in peak condition mentally, so you will KNOW you are better, and will also approach your training with complete dedication. If you are really serious about your judo training then our subliminal mp3s will help you to gain the advantage over your opponents by boosting your abilities at a faster rate and giving you the unbeatable mindset that will make you unstoppable!

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